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Traders in Escape from Tarkov sell many items, however some are available to trade for other items in your stash. Below is a complete list of these trades. If you see a trade missing from the list below, please join our Discord or note it here. To search the list use Ctrl+F. 1 List of Trades 1.1 Prapor 1.2 Therapist 1.3 Skier 1.4 Peacekeeper 1.5 Mechanic 1.6 Ragman 1.7 Jaeger

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Naval artillery is artillery mounted on a warship, originally used only for naval warfare and then subsequently used for shore bombardment and anti-aircraft roles. The term generally refers to tube-launched projectile-firing weapons and excludes self-propelled projectiles such as torpedoes, rockets, and missiles and those simply dropped overboard such as depth charges and naval mines

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Jan 05, 2021 · The Guard Dog Security Dual Spark Stun Gun Flashlight is a medium-range stun gun with some improved reach compared to a handheld taser featuring impressive electrical output and an intimidating ...

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A gun's sights are adjusted so the barrel is actually pointed very slightly up, giving a slight rainbow like curve to the bullet's path. A faster lighter bullet will travel further before gravity pulls it to earth, and a smaller diameter bullet has less wind resistance. The flatter trajectory means it will be on target over a longer distance.

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Jan 01, 2021 · In such type of devices, safety is one of the important aspects; the xBull will not function while the lid is closed or it is on charging. With one charge, it can spark for almost 250-300 times which is quite a good timing for any plasma lighter. The xBull electric lighter is available in 3 elegant colors; Ice black, Jaguar black, and Ocean blue.

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