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Can a plasma cutter be used for oxy fuel cutting?

M-Bee portable plasma cutters is a portable CNC cutting system suitable for either plasma or oxy–fuel cutting processes. It comes standard with piercing height control, automatic torch height control, and a shape library with 24 pre-programmed designs.

What can you do with a plasma cutter?

The last in the list is the tube and section plasma cutter, which is used to process tube, pipe or other long sections of material. While the cutting head is usually stationary, in some configurations the cutting head can tilt and rotate to allow for more angles to be cut.

Which is the best CNC Plasma cutting machine?

The LINIA CNC Plasma Cutting machines from Complete Machine Tools give you the speed, accuracy and ease of your own CNC plasma mac.... At Weldclass CNC Plasma, we believe that Everyone deserves success. We like to challenge the myth that CNC plasma cutters are only....

Reviews Best Plasma Cutter — Portable Plasma Cutting Machines

Sep 03, 2019 · The Primeweld is a budget alternative to the Lotos LTPDC2000D. It is a plasma cutter with a 50A rating combined with a 200A TIG/stick welder. Your working capabilities are identical to the Lotos model, being able to cut through metal up to ½” with a duty cycle of 60%. You also get the same welder combination.

Which is better 220V or 110V plasma cutter?

The dual-voltage capacity is a good function and it means you can get great cutting performance on nearly any metal and it’s even well suited for light industrial use when you switch to the 220v plasma cutter mode.

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