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Jan 21, 2021 · Throughout the ’50s, Koike Sanso Kogyo continued to innovate. It began production of one of the first portable, automated gas-cutting machines: the IK-12. This model became a best-seller soon after its release and still a top, go-to portable machine that can be used with one or two oxy-fuel torches.

Oxy Acetylene Welding - Machine Torch

Linde Track Torch Cutting Machine made by Union Carbide Corporation. Currently set up for Acetylene but can be converted to LP by changing the cutting tip. Torch head is 24" high with 2 arms. One arm is shorter and one is long. Simply remove one nut to change short and long arms. Serial#2v3, Type CM-45 120 volt with 12 foot cord.

Koike: IK-72 T

Cutting thickness: 5-50 mm: Cutting speed: 150-700 mm: Type of drive: PWM control: Bevel angle: 0 ~ 45º: Driving method: Rack and pinion: Input power: AC 110V / AC 42V: Maximum rail bending radius: 2D rail: 2500 mm: 3D rail: 2000 mm: Dimension: L250 x W300 x H190: Weight: 4.5 kg


Steel band quick clamping device: Max. cutting speed: 6.000 mm/min: Marking speed: 9.000 mm/min: Rapid traverse speed: 15.000 mm/min: CNC unit: Burny Phantom: Number of tools: 6 torches (2 plasma max.) Minimum torch distance: 125 mm: Pre-heat gas control: Hi-Low pre-heat gas control system: Power supply voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz / 60 Hz: Available plasma power sources: KOIKE Super 400 Plus Hypertherm HSD & HPR-Series

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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. 1. Field of the Invention . This invention relates to a movable cart mounting a welding torch or cutting torch and, more particularly, to a railless cart for which no rail or guide is required to perform welding or cutting with respect to works on walls.

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Koike Aronson Inc. P.O. Box 307, Arcade, New York 14009 Phone (585) 492-2400 Fax (585) 457-3517 JQA-2093 Koike Techno Center Products SENTINEL SAFETY-Z 08/15 KENG MODEL DESCRIPTIONS Z-Pack Safety Z Set Complete (WZO and WZG set) ZA3232000 WZO Double Pack ZOSP 1 & ZOSP 2 (torch to hose set) ZA3232260 WZG Double Pack ZGSP 1 & ZGSP 2

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Oxy Acetylene Welding - Track Cutting

Item(s) Victor VU 150 Portable Cutting Machine w/ Victor MT 200 machine cutting torch. Compatibility: Machine torch requires Victor style series 1 cutting tips. Cutting machine requires 115v AC power. Machine is set up to be used with either a 2 hose or 3 hose machine torch. But currently only has 2 hoses.

Koike: Handy Auto Plus

Description. The Handy Auto Plus is a portable hand held gas cutting machine with an integrated drive system, ignition device and Start-Stop-function for pre-heating flame. It ensures highest cut quality in vertical, circular and shape cutting as well as beveling. Besides cutting of flat surfaces it is also possible to perform curved contours on vertical surfaces like H-beams, pipes and bended plates.

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Koike Aronson. Koike Aronson Auto-Picle-S Portable Pipe Cutting Machine. Portable Pipe Cutting Machine. Pipe Cutting Thickness: 5-50mm (3/16-2in). Cutting Speed: 100-700 mm/min (4-28 in/min). Previous owners mark etched on side.

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Gas Apparatus Supplies and Accessories. In addition to the wide range of cutting and welding machines Koike Aronson, Inc./ Ransome produces we also offer a large variety of options and other components to make our cutting machines and your facility more productive. Some of our options are 'stand-alone' and can be used with most shops' current ...

Portable Machines and Gas Equipment - Koike

all your needs in metal fabrication. Koike Aronson/Ransome cutting machines can be customized to fit most requirements, and our welding and positioning equipment can be made to accept work pieces of nearly any size. Cutting Machine Assembly Our manufacturing area consists of a machine shop, saw shop, two assembly shops, a burn shop, and a weld shop.

Koike Aronson Auto-Picle-S Portable Pipe Cutting Machine Pipe ...

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Which is the best torch for gas cutting?

New Torch Track Burner Portable handle Gas Cutting machine 1. The main body is made of aluminum of high strength by die-casting; 2. It features light ... more and compact in structure, as ideal portable machine; 3.


The Handy Auto automatic gas cutting torch is a staple in your shop. With many standard and optional attachments to choose from, hand held torch cutting has never been easier. Let Koike Aronson be your choice for ease and accuracy! Small circle cutting attachment 1¼ to 4½ in (30-120mm) (Included in all kits) Extra large circle cutting attachment

Where are the control valves on a Koike torch?

The control valves for fuel, preheat oxygen and cutting oxygen are positioned away from heat yet conveniently placed for easy operator use. Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.

KOIKE Sanso Picle 1-11 Portable Pipe Cutting Machine W/ Torch ...

item 2 Koike Sanso Picle 1-II Portable Pipe Cutting Machine w/Torch, Chain, & Extras 2 -Koike Sanso Picle 1-II Portable Pipe Cutting Machine w/Torch, Chain, & Extras. $475.00. +$35.00 shipping. No ratings or reviews yet. No ratings or reviews yet.

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Koike: Apollo Safety Devices

Powerful, Compact Unit Reduces Risk of Flashback The Koike Apollo series Flashback Arrestor is engineered to add safety and convenience to cutting and Welding. Practically to be coupled regulator to hose, hose to hose, equipment to hose and machine torch . The Apollo coupling have been designed to provide quick set up and removal of cutting and ...

CNC Oxy-fuel & Plasma Cutting Machine

KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD. Products and services features ・ Proven in high demanding production environments ・ Easy to use, very low maintenance and long lifetime of the solid and rugged machine ・ Wide range of cutting thicknesses performed with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting tools

Portable CNC Cutting Machine PNC-12 EXTREME

Koike Sanso Kogyo CO., LTD. PNC-12 EXTREME introduction. “Portable CNC Cutting Machine”, with integrated CNC controller. Travels on a special steel-made robust rail on longitudinal axis. Transverse movements are done with an extra-wide cross bar penetrating the machine body. For oxy-fuel type machine, gas hoses are connected at the end of the cross bar. Installation can be at ease.

Portable Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines | Profile Cutting System

Compact and simple to operate, this fine Koike machine is most at home doing highly repetitive work where it can continuously produce the same precision flame cuts by following a steel template. A powerful magnet roller smoothly guides the cutting torch around any shape, cutting steel plate up to four inches in thickness.

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Powerful, Compact Unit Reduces Risk of Flashback The Koike Apollo series Flashback Arrestor is engineered to add safety and convenience to cutting and Welding. Practically to be coupled regulator to hose, hose to hose, equipment to hose and machine torch. The Koike Apollo series Flashback arrestor are renowned for safety, quality and longevity.

Koike: Portable Cutting Machines

Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Visit this page in another language:


American Cutting Edge: Slitter Knives, Carbide Blade, EDM Wire Cutting: American Denki Co.,Ltd: Connector Body, Plug, Flanged Inlet: American Forge & Foundry, Inc.(AAF) Torque Limiting Extension Kit, Cold Weather Grease Gun, Lever Action Pump: American Industrial Heat: Air Cooled, Liquid Cooled: American Lincoln: industrial cleaning equipment

Picle-1-II Portable Manual Pipe Cutting Machine - Koike

This manually operated portable oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine uses a chain and gear drive system. The drive chain is comprised of durable, interlocking links that can easily be added or removed for quick change of pipe diameters. A graduated bevel collar ensures accurate bevel setting. The control valves for fuel, preheat oxygen and cutting oxygen are positioned away from heat yet conveniently placed for easy operator use.

Portable & Gas Apparatus Equipment - Koike

Portable Machines. Koike's full line of portable machines is highly diverse with solutions available for a wide variety of applications across many different industries. These machines and gas apparatuses were specifically engineered to improve shop productivity. With usability at the forefront of their design, they make it possible for ...

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Handy Auto Portable Hand Held Motorized Cutting Torch - Koike

Koike superior design and quality tips ensure fast, smooth cuts. All fuel gases may be used. The Handy Auto Series is a Go Anywhere, Do Anything Cutter. A Mechanized Hand Torch; A Product That No Metal Worker Should be Without; Seven Cutting Tools In One; Straight Line Cutting; Curved Line Cutting; Bevel Cutting; Small Circle Cutting 1-1/4" - 4 1/2" Diameter


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How big is a Dia Circle cutting torch?

Specification: Dimension: 350*140*175mm Supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz About the 110V. We will offer one 1000W transformer free with the package to make sure our customer can use it. DIA Circle Cutting: 290-540mm Cutting Thickness: 6-100mm Cutting Speed: 150-800mm/min machine Weights: 10kg The track weights: 13kg Warranty: 1.

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KOIKE SANSO PICLE-1 PORTABLE FLAME CUTTING TOOL TRACK BURNER WITH TORCH KOIKE SANSO PICLE-1 PORTABLE FLAME CUTTING TOOL TRACK BURNER WITH TORCH. GREAT WORKING CONDITION. All purchases are expected to be paid within 5 business days. Items will be shipped UPS or Fedex Ground. We do not ship to P.O. Box. Addresses.

Koike: Detail

Fuel Gas Tip Model; Acetylene: 102: 102 HC hand cut: Propane: 106: 106 HC hand cut: 106-O quick torch: 106-M heavy pre-heating: Natural gas : 107: 107-M heavy pre-heating

What can you do with Koike series 100 tips?

Performs clean machine quality oxyfuel cuts or multiple applications; drive switch is linked to cutting oxygen valve for simultaneous operation of cutting oxygen and drive power. Perform plate beveling, circle cutting, and straight line cutting with single hand changeover. Safe and long lasting Koike Series 100 tips supplied with each Handy Auto.


Disclosed is a rail of a machining apparatus having a traveling carriage, wherein rail members of a rail are connected at a rail member connecting portion in series such that running surfaces of adjac

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KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD. i..j IK SERIES OPTICAL TRACER CUTTING MACHINE low cost investment for high cutting productivity in a small workshop.

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